Filmed by: Hunter Barnes

Edited by: Gibby Haynes

Four years ago I began my journey with the Ne Mee Poo/Ni Mii Puu. I met a dear friend, Uncle Irving at the Tamkaliks Pow Wow in Wallowa Oregon. Helping the new friends I had met set up for the Pow Wow, I began taking pictures and documenting The People. Once I was invited as a trusted friend to the Lapwai Idaho Reservation I was introduced to the families that fill this body of work. There was much time laughing and hanging out, getting to know everyone before the pictures truly started to open up. After a couple of seasons I was invited by my friends to visit The Confederated Tribes of The Colville Reservation, in Washington, where I was embraced by the bands that populate this land. I camped and began meeting more people that summer, where I stayed until my return in the winter. The drive has always been a beautiful one guided by a greater force. In these photos I have seen a world that continues to change. A traditional culture that has met a modern age. A century that has passed and a new world that rises. I thank all of The People who have guided me through this journey, and the spirit that lives within this project.


Frankie Citro / Las Vegas Casino Black Book Member
Lisa Medford / First Nude Showgirl,1957
Joanie Shoofey / Las Vegas Socialite
Johnny Rulli / Former Casino Boss
Hunter Barnes Tickets
Hunter Barnes Ward Hall
Hunter Barnes Insectivora
Hunter Barnes The Bally Stage
Prayer by the River
Downtown Nespelam
Sweat Lodge
Ann and Tino
A New Road To Tsunami Recovery
Dre Day
Lisa Croghan
Gibby Haynes
Erin Wasson
Nicole Trunfio
Gary Clark JR Live