Silver Nugget

Frankie Citro / Las Vegas Casino Black Book Member
Joanie Shoofey / Las Vegas Socialite
Bobby Martini / Former Bodyguard
Lisa Medford / First Nude Showgirl,1957
Ben Spano / Manager, Italian American Social Club
Jerry Tiffe / Lounge Singer
Virginia Donaldson / Cocktail Waitress, The Desert Inn
Johnny Rulli / Former Casino Boss
Cathy Triffon / Showgirl, 1956-1981
Bill Boyd / Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Boyd Gaming Corporation
Dave Moretti / Professional Boxing Judge
Pat Traficant / Former Pit Boss and Floor Manager, current Independent Agent
Scotty / Poker Hand
Angela / Waitress, The Peppermill
Frank Cullotta / Hole in the Wall Gang
Peep Show
Vegas Parking Lot
Casino Entrance
Vegas Motel
Pawn Shop
Sunset Motel
El Cid
Cocktail Lounge
Chapel of the Bells
South Las Vegas BLVD
Horseshoe Casino
Night Lights
Silver Nugget
Pink Cadillac