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A band of nomads. Roaming in open fairgrounds, spinning with color and sound.

Traveling amongst the world of wonders, entering through the banner line.

Invited to fly with the free.

Cotton candy flavors on top of the Ferris wheel’s big sky.

Gamers and ride guys, sword swallowers and showmen, carnies earn a title, not stated lightly, living what it means to those who know it must be earned.

A hardworking family within, cater to the same who attend.

Fading flags are flying through children’s lollipop eyes. An entrance to a magic city awaiting, that will move soon again.

Sometimes you gotta check out to check in.

We hope to see you next year. They’re with it, they’re for it, and proud of it.

In a business where you never say goodbye, you’ll see ’em down the line.